Movie Audiobook Creators

Cinema Book Studio is a team of talented creators, broadcasters, lovers of literature, science, art, poetry, history, music and cinema, who combine their talent and professional qualities to make your project possible.

A Team with years of Professional Experience 

Some of the members of the Cinema Book Studio team have been in the world of voiceover since 1990. We have the expert direction of the acclaimed and award-winning film composer Marcús JGR.


The Cinema Book Studio team wants to avail everyone the opportunity of having their own audiobook.  For this, it has great experienced professionals to make your project a real digital audio production.

Multilanguage Translation Service

Do you have a text that you want to translate into a rare language? Or maybe you can't find a trusted translation cabinet? Or do you want your text to be converted into multiple languages at a reasonable price?


We offer a comprehensive translation service into various languages thanks to our database of literary translators. We make it possible for your project to have no limits or borders. We adapt your idea to all the languages you need.

A Qualified Team

Our team is highly qualified and has extensive experience to offer you the best end result with the highest quality guarantees and the most advanced technology at your fingertips.


If you have an audiovisual project, a book or any other idea and you want to take it to another level by turning it into an audiobook accessible to all audiences, at Cinema Book Studio we make it a reality, translated and voiced in a wide range of languages.

Let us make your project real

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