What do you have in mind?

Follow these simple steps for clarifying concepts, reducing uncertainties and visualize the reality of your project:

How many languages?

Literary and professional translators with many years of experience and thousands of texts converted into multiple languages, guarantee our team to give the maximum guarantees of rigor in the translations that are requested of us. Remember that our translation service is not just limited to audiobook projects. Contact for more details.


In Cinema Book Studio  we guarantee the  most  absolute  professionalism  and confidentiality in all your projects.

Only Voice?

An audiobook or audio project can contain a single announcer voice, or a combination of voices (female, male, different ages, etc.), clean, worked, and does it.

Should we add Sound-FX?

In this case, you can enrich your project with Sounds-FX in the sections that you wish to highlight with, for example, an approaching train, waves of the sea that die calmly on the shore of the beach, footsteps at night, doors that they creak, wind blowing with intensity, etc.

Why not add Music to your Project?

At Cinema Book Studio through the extraordinary creative and artistic capacity of Marcús JGR, your audio project could have a melody that conveys the feelings and emotions that you want to print. Without a doubt, your project would become movie audiobook!