You ask, we answer

We know that at first you will have some doubts as to how, when, where, what and who. Relax... Cinema Book Studio is an excellent professional team in these fields. Express your doubts, we offer you answers and solutions.

Do you accept small projects?

Yes, for Cinema Book Studio all projects are accepted and respected, as long as they are not subject to any hate crime, or break any laws. There is no too small or too big project for us.

How do you ensure the confidentiality of the project?

At Cinema Book Studio we accept privacy or confidentiality contracts for greater customer peace of mind. Commitment, transparency and privacy are part of our values as a company. You can tell us about this point at the first team meeting and we will take care of preparing the contract or if you prefer you can write it yourself and we will sign it without any problem.

What happens if I am not satisfied with the final project?

We at Cinema Book Studio guarantee that this will not happen. Communication between the studio and the client is one of the keys to achieving a successful completion of the work. Throughout the entire production process we will maintain constant communication so that once we finish, there are no surprises of any kind.

Once the work is finished, will I have the copyright of my audiobook, with its soundtrack and composition?

Of course, the last management will be to register the work carried out in your name or that of your company, with the entry number as intellectual property.

Audiobooks Ecosystem

The audiobook is the future: it will be the vector for the transmission of culture and thought par excellence, due to its flexibility, great plastic and artistic possibilities, and eco-sustainability, as it does not require cutting down trees to create paper, chemical processes to bleach it, inks, etc. .


However, Cinema Book Studio advocates for the harmonious coexistence of audiobooks with traditional books and their continued creation and use, since the written format, from papyrus to the current and modern book, is a fundamental and wonderful milestone in the history of humanity. ; with which, the written book is irreplaceable.