At Cinema Book Studio we have a team of trained multidisciplinary professionals with extensive experience in all areas of the production, translation and recording studio service sectors.

Some names of the Cinema Book Studio

Marcús JGR

Recognized and award-winning composer and sound engineer, creator of musical soundtracks for film productions and television series, as well as documentary productions, videogames and prolific in his own productions.


He works with top-tier film directors and producers. He has composed with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of London.

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Dallas K.

From a very young age Dallas has been known for being a born broadcaster. He has a real passion for reading. Derived from his studies, he has participated in linguistic and oral education programs, as well as years of improvement and presenter discipline, conferences and public relations.

He has been part of the Cinema Book Studio Team since 2017.

He shares his profession as a broadcaster with photography.

Gurprit Sahota

She is our coordinator of the translation area. Originally from Birmingham, she started in the offices of Lloyds TSB and the local Council. Thanks to her training, she dedicated herself for years to teaching corporate English to the business sector in Barcelona, as well as teaching classical English at the Biblioteca de Catalunya.

Specializing in educational training in the English language, she also has experience as a translator and broadcaster in English, Spanish, Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi.

Ella is 2016 she joined the Cinema Book Studio team and holds the position of production assistant and head of coordination of the translation area, as well as part of the voice talent team.

Robert Kessner

He is our Team Manager. From a very young age he has developed a great concern for letters, forming part of the local Reading Club, where he began doing his first translations into Catalan and Spanish of English and French works.


His experience as a narrator, reader, and presenter makes him an expert producer of rehearsals for radio programs that he occasionally performs. He also works in the start-up of various companies in different financial sectors and combines his obligations with the translation of classic novels into Catalan and Spanish.


Since 2016 he has been a collaborator of Cinema Book Studio in research work, editor, translation and administrator together with Marcús JGR.

Ciara Erin

Professional voice over artist of Irish origin, with more than 20 years of professional voice over experience in radio shows, audiobooks and marketing.


Due to her studies in interpretation and dramatic art, Ciara's voiceover works are excellent.

An avid reader, also a translator, she has been part of the Cinema Book Studio team since 2019.